PKay is an action survival game where you control a Pong paddle to protect the city from incoming projectiles and save your kind.


On each wave, protect your base at all costs, by sending incoming balls back to the rightmost edge of the screen. Between waves, you can purchase upgrades to your paddle using your accumulated credits.

Using the **keyboard**: Use the directional keys to move the paddle up and down. Press Enter to select. Control fires the gun (once unlocked). Esc pauses the game.

Using a **game controller**: Use the directional pad to move the paddle up and down. Use the left button in the right-hand pad (square in PS) to select things, and the bottom button (cross in PS) to fire the gun (once unlocked). Press the start button (or equivalent) to pause the game.

Known Issues

Alas, some issues were encountered, but remain unfixed for the time being. Here are some things to keep in mind if you're having trouble playing PKay:

  • When playing the web version on Chrome/Chromium, the game might trigger unexpected key input by itself without yourself pressing those keys. Moreover, moving the mouse while it's over the game's viewport can trigger the pause button, which in turn can make your game return to the title screen unwillingly. Firefox does not seem to reproduce this issue.
  • If you experience poor performance or stuttering in the web version, consider downloading one of the available desktop executables. These should work a bit smoother.
  • If incoming balls go through your paddle, please restart the game and try again.


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